The following rules are obligatory for everybody in the game and on the various external communication channels around it. We reserve the right to enforce them by muting individuals or even revoking their access to the game or communication channels entirely if necessary. These rules exist alongside the more extensive and formal Terms of Service and serve to highlight the most basic community-related rules of conduct. If you do not know if something is allowed, please ask first.

1. Be civil

We are lucky enough to have a very open, friendly, and helpful community. All we ask of you is not to disturb the peace with personal attacks or other toxic behavior. We trust you to know what that encompasses.

2. One account per person

Sharing one account across several players is forbidden, and so is using more than one account per person. Multiple people playing from the same IP is allowed and possible, but suspicious behavior will be noticed and punished.

3. No exploits

It is prohibited to use loopholes, bugs, or game mechanics in an exploitative way they are clearly not intended for. This includes abuse of the company reset feature, i.e. resetting one’s company once or several times with the purpose of unfairly enriching oneself or another player.

4. Humans only

Do not use external tools for the automatic retrieval of data from the game world or to automate actions in the game world.

5. Be cooperative

If a moderator or developer asks you to refrain from certain behavior, please abide by their request to avoid more severe repercussions.

6. No spam

Do not spam in the chat and do not post advertisements or other kinds of unsolicited content. Of course it is allowed to discuss other games and to post any links relevant to an ongoing conversation.